Bunnies By The Bay Wee Kiddo

$ 15.00

Wee Kiddo is small but mighty mighty sweet, that is!
All the charm of our Big Lops Kiddo, in a petite package thats just-right sized for little hands to hug and hold. Wee Kiddo features a soft coat of swirly, snuggle-down fur, and his paws and ears are lined with cozy white velour. A hand-embroidered face shows off Wee Kiddos shiny brown eyes, friendly smile and rosy nose!
Small enough to travel anywhere your little lamb may go, Wee Kiddo measures 7-inches from his curly topknot to fluffy white tail. Do not feel baa-ad if he gets a little dirty he is surface washable, and you will have him clean again in two shakes of a lambs tail!

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